Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jeremy Cox

Jeremy Cox is the man responsible for the animation at the opening of the TV series "Chuck." I'm not only a fan of the TV series itself (even though the current season has been a bit lacking,yet still enjoyable) but i am also a fan of the animated opening at the beginning of the series. Here is a line to it:
href="http://" I enjoy the graphic style of it and the simple colors. Usually my work itself isn't graphic in nature but I do enjoy braking up light on a figure into simple flat shapes. I realized when I was painting today that the rendering of my figure looked oddly familiar. When I thought about it some more I realized it reminded my of the opening to "Chuck" and how the pictures of the actors are broken up into graphic 2 colored shapes. I know this is an effect you can get with simply messing around on photoshop, but I sill enjoy the styling of it.

Jeremy Cox also did an opening for "Mad Men." A show I'm not familiar with but I checked out the opening and enjoy it as well. He also did an animation called "Paul Rand Retrospective" but I didn't enjoy those as much as the previous ones I mentioned. It doesn't quite have the same feel for me, not sure what it is. Maybe its too flat, or just doesn't flow as well.

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