Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goya's Black Paintings... or Are They?

Goya's black paintings have always stuck out to me as being creepy, full of emotional, and inspiring. "Saturn Devouring His Children"is a powerful image with that black background, and intense glare of Saturn as he proceeds to consume his child.
Although scholars have reason to dough the authenticity of these black paintings. I did a report on the black paintings and learn they where painted directly onto the walls of country house Goya spent his last years in. It was believed Goya painted these during his final years where he locked himself up away from society and began to die of an illness.
Although, records have been found that say the 2nd floor of the house was just a humble attic during Goya's lifetime. So the 2nd floor that half of the paintings were painted on was never there to paint on. So how could Goya have painted them?
Some say it was done by his son, who knew his fathers way of painting very well. It was then Goya's grandson who then passed his fathers paintings as his grandfathers to help sell the house and get more money from it.
Who ever painted them, I still find them fascinating and inspiring.

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